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  • Product Name : dry magnetic drum separator
    Size : CTB
    Country of Origin : china
    Contact : sarah niu (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Application of dry Drum Magnetic Separator:

    Magnetic Separators are designed to recover ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic separator are available in designs and sizes to provide solutions for all applications. The heart of each separator is the magnetic system with its unique design,which has a proven record of high efficiency. It is available in cyclic design with process vessel diameters smaller than 3mm. Magnetic Separator is one kind of efficient equipment for processing high and low magnetic minerals, such as magnetite, hematite, limonite, wolfram, ilmenite, and tantalum niobium, etc. In recent years, it is also more and more applied in purifying quartz, feldspar and nepheline. Its magnetic system is a ring-shape chain closed magnetic circuit with energizing coils made of copper tube and cooled internally by water. Grooved plates made of magnetic conductive stainless steel are used as magnetic matrix.

    Features of dry  Magnetic separator:
    1. Simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.
    2. Max. Magnetic intensity: 8,000 OE.
    3. The number of axial magnetic can be adjusted in accordance with material characteristics
    4. This magnetic separator is suitable for processing various bulk materials and will not blocked for its compact structure.
    5. energy saving & high-efficiency.
    6. Also has disaggregating function for sticky and poor-fluidity powders.
    7. Stainless steel machine and full-closed operation enable an easy clean.
    8. This high gradient magnetic separator has optimized magnetic circuit, which offers high intensity magnetic field for better separating effect.
    9. Magnetic separator working under high temperature.