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  • Product Name : shuosen wet/dry magnetic separator
    Size : CTB
    Country of Origin : china
    Contact : sarah niu (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Introduction of SHUOSEN Wet/Dry magnetic separator :
    CTB-High Efficiency Iron Ore Magnetic Separator  is usually used for sorting the fine-grained strong magnetic minerals, or removing strong magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals. With a deep magnetic field, the machine can make a continuous row of ore feeding and discharge. It also has enough working clearance and high processing capabilities.

    Working principle of SHUOSEN  Wet/Dry magnetic separator :
    When the ore pulp folw into the magnetic field, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the drum. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are cast off and discharged, while the strong magnetic minerals on the surface of the drum rotate with the drum and will be brought out of magnetic field to complete the sorting operation.

    Features of SHUOSEN  Wet/Dry magnetic separator :
    1. The magnetic system adopts quality ferrite material and NdFeB magnet.
    2. The average magnetic induction of the drum surface is about 100 ~ 600 mT.
    3. Downstream tank, half upstream tank,upstream tank or double-drum type can be available.
    4. Simple structure, large handling capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

    If you want to know more about our equipments details,please contact us